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Bar K-9 Monthly E-Newsletter

June 2021, Issue 1

Fourth of July Puppy Pool Party

Who is ready to make a splash?!? You won't want to miss this fun event at Bar K-9! The heat wave has officially hit in Rapid City and we want to make sure your pets stay safe and cool this summer! What is a perfect way to keep your pets safe and cool while letting them get the exercise they need? How about a puppy pool party?! Join us Saturday June 26th from 11:00-6:00pm for a Fourth of July Themed Pool extravaganza at Bar K-9. Make sure you and your pooch are dressed up patriotic and come cool off with us!


Beat the Heat and Keep your Pup Safe

Summer has officially arrived in Rapid City. Did you know dogs can get heat stroke if they get over heated? This is just one of the many reasons we decided to create a safe place for your four-legged besties. Keep your pet cool and safe this summer, while still being able to exercise them, at Bar K-9! We always have it a cool 68 degrees AND we always

have ice cold water available for your pups! Come check us out today and beat that summer sun.

Safety is our number one priority for you and your pups. As many of you probably know, dogs are unable to sweat like people can. That is why dogs pant when they are hot. When it is hot outside it is hard for them to cool down by panting alone. Keep your pup safe and come join the fun at Bar K-9 Indoor Dog Park and Bar.

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